Happy Birthday, Candice!

As many of you know, this week is Candice’s birthday week. Monday was ‘the day’, and, except for the part where she had to get up very early in the morning to go to work (which I totally appreciate, by the way), I think it was a pretty good day. We made sandwiches for lunch and she opened some presents, all the while her phone would ‘ding’ every 90 seconds because she would get an email that someone had written on her FB wall. One of Candice’s presents was Scrabble, which may sound a little strange, but we’ve recently had some fun playing Scrabble variants like ‘speed scrabble’, and I thought it would be good to have around this winter. Don’t worry, I was smart enough to get her some other gifts besides Scrabble (I’m no rookie, people).

That evening, we had a proper celebration. I invited a group of our friends over for a birthday dinner complete with cake, presents, and a giant game of speed scrabble. There were 11 of us, which I really think is pushing the boundaries for how many people could sit around our table (not to mention the fact that we don’t have 11 of anything in our kitchen); nonetheless, with several people sharing forks and cups and a couple of people eating directly out of the serving dishes (not really), we made it work.

Here’s our posed ‘family’ photo for the evening:


And because I couldn’t resist, here’s the ‘crazy picture’:


Also, I thought this picture was a little funny… I’m carrying the cake into the room, everyone is singing happy birthday, and Candice is the one with the camera taking pictures of us :)


Happy Birthday, sweetie!

As a continuation of the birthday week festivities, we’re going to Barcelona this weekend! See you next week :).


  1. Ha! I love the goofy group picture... especially Jackie and Jonny! Happy birthday, Candice!

  2. Hooray for celebrating Candice!! I'm glad y'all had fun and jealous that you had a game night celebration - I love those (and I love speed scrabble). I hope Barcelona is fantastic and a great kick-off to a new Candice-year!

  3. Gotta love Johnny's crazy pose. Wow. I didn't think that he had it in him!


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