I love Fridays (and other randomness)

Actually, I love Saturdays. But you know what I mean.

Today, as I was leaving work, it was raining. Actually, this is East Anglia, so it was more like a spitting mist, pelting you in the face. But you know what I mean.

On the days I take my umbrella with me, naturally, it doesn't rain. But today I forgot my umbrella, so by the time I got on the bus, my hair was wet and I was shivering. That's right folks, I ride the bus. I don't drive to work because parking would be something ridiculous like 13 pounds a day. And I don't cycle, because, well, I don't want to.

My mom is getting married, y'all. Is that crazy or what? I mean, she's actually having a wedding and the whole shebang. I'm happy to report I will be gaining two more sisters in the process. Between my mom and her man Ed, they will have 7 grown daughters, not to mention all the men and children that come along with them (at last count, it's something like 6 men and 12.5 kids). Oh what fun we will have on the rare occasion that we are all together!

This wedding means that we'll be making a trip to Oklahoma a bit sooner than expected to be at their wedding in November. And lucky me, it's the same week as my grandma's 90th birthday bash! Oh, and my brother-in-law's birthday. And two weeks before Thanksgiving. Good timing, ma. Looking forward to seeing some of you Okies (and Texans) in the near future!


  1. So exciting! Does this mean I'll get to maybe see you? I would love for you to meet Vera! :)


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