One year in Cambridge

I can’t believe it… earlier this week was our ‘one year in Cambridge’ anniversary. Candice and I were chatting about it, and we both had the strange feeling that it had gone by very fast, but at the same time, it seemed at times to go by very slowly. On the one hand, last September seems like just yesterday, and on the other hand, last September seems like ten years ago! I’m not sure why this is. All I can say is this: I’m glad it’s year two.

Year one wasn’t bad; in retrospect, I think we had a pretty awesome first year. Nonetheless, I think the first year of living in a new place is one of the hardest, or, at the very least, it brings unique challenges. Cambridge is starting to feel less foreign, more normal, and more like home. This has mostly been the result of us getting to know people, but the fact that we are much better cooks now than when we arrived has also had a pretty positive effect on the quality of life (the best part about British food = it makes you a better cook).

In any case, we decided that we would do a little something to acknowledge the close of our first year; we took all the photos from ‘year one in Cambridge’ and put them into a photobook. I’ve selected a few of the pages and put them into a chronological slideshow for your enjoyment, which is a fun way to show you what are essentially the ‘highlights’ of the year. Click here to watch!


  1. Such an awesome collection of photos! You guys seem to be having such a wonderful time. :-)


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