Snail-mail forever

I really wish someone would over-night me a box full of cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera. Yes, yes, I know the postage would be about 40x the actual cost of the bagels. Sigh.

I did get the most awesome package in the mail this past week. My little sister Baylee was here this summer and got a good taste of what our lives are like. So when she decided to send us a care package, she was able to come up with some really good ideas of what to include: a board game (CLUE, because she and Collin used to play it together when she was younger) for our dreary nights in with friends, a movie to watch while we eat cookies late at night, 2 super cute scarfs to keep me warm and trendy at the same time, an issue of Teen Vogue (hehe) "for when Candice gets MEGA bored while Collin works on Ph.D. stuff", a best friend necklace (um, how sweet is that?), and a bunch of old pictures since we didn't bring any over with us. There was also a letter for me AND a letter for Collin. My sister is seriously adorable, y'all.

What's the best thing you've ever gotten in the mail?


  1. I am pretty darn adorable! Baha!!
    -love y'all lots... Baylee!! :)

  2. Baylee is pretty awesome! Care packages rock. Glad that it brought a smile to your face!

  3. Aw, that's so awesome! I seriously l-o-v-e snail mail!

    Probably the most fun package I've ever received in the mail was a Birthday-Picnic-in-a-Box from one of my friends. For pretty much everyone else's birthday that year, we had just picnic-ed a dinner in front of Pat Neff, and she wonderfully thought I shouldn't get left out. There was a picnic blanket, candles, even a picture of Pat Neff, lol!


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