Spinach salad and gummy bears

Do you ever find yourself determined to do something new, like keeping the laundry caught up or your prayer life alive or your bathroom clean? That's where I was earlier this week. In an effort to eat more real, whole foods, I read up on the subject a bit on some bloggy blogs and then chatted ranted to Collin about how we needed to take better care of ourselves and eat more spinach and fewer cookies. And he did a few different things in response to that rant:
1. Laughed in my face.
2. Argued that what we eat is already pretty good... after all, we don't go out much and don't eat American fast food and typically don't fry anything. (I think even with those things being true, we still could stand to eat more real stuff.)
3. Just nearly cried because he thought I was going to ban chocolate chip cookies and ice cream and cornbread forever.

And then, today, I failed miserably. When you just can't stomach another spinach salad, no matter how good they are, you can always find something processed and sugary in your kitchen to do the trick. So you know, it was ME saying we needed to do better and then today I proceeded to finish off an entire bag of gummy bears and began plotting what slightly unhealthy foods we were going to make tomorrow night. Guess I wasn't all that determined after all, and Collin has nothing to worry about. :)

I hate it when the only gummy bears left in the package are pineapple and lemon. Eeew.


  1. I am in love with pineapple gummy bears. :) And I totally get what you mean about committing to eat healthy and then self-sabotaging. Frustrating!


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