Things to look forward to… food.

We are excited about our upcoming trip to the US for many reasons, but in the realm of food, there are three very particular reasons I’m looking forward to being back for a couple of weeks.

1. Ice Cream – not only can the British not make a proper milkshake, I’m not sure that they understand the concept at all. Verily, verily, I say unto you: I have witnessed the British use a genuine ‘soda-shop-type’ milkshake machine to do nothing more than stir a chocolatey powder into milk and call it a ‘thick milkshake’! I can’t wait to go to Braum’s. The milkshakes, the banana splits, the butterfinger mixes… God bless America.

2. Queso – that’s right folks… cheese dip does not exist here. And I know some of you are thinking that I should be content with the youth group party staple, Velveeta and Ro-Tel. But, as it happens, you can buy nothing that resembles either of those things here (unless you’re in the military). And even though it must be one of the worst things you can eat from a health perspective, I’m looking forward to sitting down in a Mexican restaurant and having chips, salsa, and queso appear before me instantly… oh what a grand day that will be.

3. Steak – well, the British really try to get this one right, and I have to give them a little credit here; it’s not all bad, and some of it is quite nice. Even so, there’s just nothing like Oklahoma/Texas steakhouse beef. Plus, there’s the added benefit of being able to eat the steak in a restaurant shaped like a barn, a phenomena that’s probably a little too common in Texhoma.


  1. So..... I probably shouldn't tell you that I had a chocolate milkshake and french fries for lunch....? :)

  2. Go to Oxford and visit Shake-Away. Those people can get shakes right!


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