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In these parts it's common to say 'what's on' instead of 'what’s happening’ or ‘what’s going on’. Hence the blog title.

What’s on… our nightstand: After finishing Shauna Nieguist’s second book Bittersweet, I’m going back and reading her first, Cold Tangerines. Bittersweet helped me to remember that the things we’ve experienced in the past year or 5 are worth taking a good look at and sifting out and clinging to the parts that are full of grace and persistence and love. It’s a place of peace, really, knowing that what we’ve learned has left us with a clearer image of God and a stronger appreciation for each other. On Collin’s side, there sits a book by Richard J. Foster that he has been wanting to read for a long time, yet remains unopened. He's been too enthralled with researching and writing his PhD thesis to read anything else!

What’s on… our kitchen table: Really yummy vegetable spaghetti. We put tons of bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomato, zucchini and mushrooms in a little evoo and cooked it all into a tomato sauce and poured it over some whole wheat spaghetti. (I’ve wondered: is the whole wheat spaghetti actually healthy or just better for you than white pasta?) What’s NOT been on our kitchen table? Dessert. This is big deal, y’all. The hubby LOVES him some dessert, but we declared this week dessert free in an effort to cut down on our embarrassingly high sugar intake. But we just might have to break the dessert fast on Friday night since we are hosting some new people for dinner… I think there is a blueberry crisp in their (and our) future.
Side note: There are also some yellow flowers in a pint glass on the table that my friends Sarah and Joel gave me about 3 weeks ago for my birthday. I cannot believe they are still alive. Sarah, what did you inject in those flowers?!

What’s on… the TV (also known as our laptop): There has been a bit of Biggest Loser lately as we’re starting the new season. I must say, it was definitely more exciting when we actually knew someone who was on the show, but it’s still freakin’ inspirational, even if it is the most emotionally taxing show on TV. We’re also happy that some of our other shows have started back again, including House (best season yet), the Mentalist (holla for Simon Baker, ladies!), and Glee (which may not last long if it gets any more ridiculous… ridiculousness makes a show fun to a certain point, but then it’s just plain ol’ ridiculous!). ‘The Pacific’ is in the lineup!

What’s on... the calendar: The next few weeks basically include both of us working so that we feel okay about leaving at the end of the month to head to the States. There will also be some good chances to catch up with friends who have been gone from Cambridge for a few weeks, Collin will go to the pub with the guys, and hopefully the girls and I will find a new gym (ours just closed down without warning! How rude.) Then, at the end of October, we are off for nearly a month in the good ol' USA. We are hopeful for good times with family and friends!


  1. "hopeful for good time"s?.... lets call that "certain" for good times!

    here are my reactions:
    1) can I borrow Bittersweet? can you bring it with you in Nov? I'd like to read it on your earlier recommendation.
    2) which Foster book? I love him but found Disciplines hard to finish. His book "Prayer" is one of my faves and a life-changer.
    3) whole wheat pasta is healthier, but it is still a pure starch (thus carb) and thus is still processed by your body as sugar. But the truth of the bible stands firm on this one - all things in moderation. :) choose wheat pastas and breads, but make them only a small portion of your diet (easy for this non-lover of bread to say, I know).
    4) totally weird about the gym closing.
    5) yay for dessert moderation. i'm trying that, but sometimes I just want a scoop of ice cream. on the other hand, I have been under 200 lbs since May and in smaller clothes this fall(!), so I'm feeling great (19 lbs down so far in 2010). But as in the above moderation comment - you should totally have dessert this friday! :)
    6) I agree, Glee is sometimes over the top, but I'm still hanging on for now. My current other faves: modern family and cougar town. you will love them. MF, in particular, is laugh out loud funny every week. Also, loving Mentalist and Survivor and Amazing Race. You need to watch this season's AR - some terrifically hilarious moments in the 1st ep!!
    ok, that is all. love you bye bye

  2. Tiff- If there is a spare few inches in my bag, I will def. bring the book. The Foster book is 'Freedom of Simplicity'. I'm thinking of reading it next. Or a Donald Miller book. We found the first episode of AR and watched it. You are right- several really funny moments! And we decided that while in theory it seems like it would be awesome to be on the show, in reality it would be completely exhausting!


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