Ruidoso 2010

We had the opportunity to drive out to New Mexico and visit with some family who have a cabin in Ruidoso, NM. We’re at 7,500 feet with a pool table, a hot tub, great food, and even better company; it’s a beautiful thing. One of the fun parts about this trip  is that we get to see our niece, Gracie, and our little cousins, Ella and Oliver.

Here’s Oliver, or, as Gracie calls him, Aviter.


Collin, living the dream.


Oliver, living the dream.


Rebekah and Gracie. Gracie is basically the best 2 year old I’ve ever spent time with. And I’ve spent a lot of time with a lot of 2 year olds. :) She is so precious.


Sweet Ella Bella hung out in her wagon while Collin pulled her around. Loving that tiara.


The view from the front porch.


Today we celebrated Thanksgiving together, complete with turkey and all that goes with it. Collin said it was the best Thanksgiving meal ever. Actually, I think he said it was the best meal, in general, he had ever eaten. That’s a pretty big claim, y’all… so thank you, Aunt Donna and Nana, for cooking all of that deliciousness.


  1. love this I love Ruidoso and will retire there

  2. I seriously laughed so hard at Oliver living the dream. I love being taken by surprise, and that one - after the pic of Col - totally did the trick. hilarious, thanks.


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