Soccer and Halloween

It felt a little unnatural for the weather on Halloween to be sunny and 80 degrees, but having come from some really lousy weather the past couple of weeks in Cambridge, I wasn’t about to complain. It was an awesome day, and even better, we had a great excuse to sit out in the sun for a while at my nephew’s soccer game.

Dalton doesn’t seem too competitive when it comes to sports; I don’t think he really cares what the score is most of the time, although he is very proud to tell you that his soccer team is undefeated :). He showed me some of his soccer tricks:


He was really excited that Candice and uncle Collin had come to watch him play, so he basically went spastic on the field and scored three goals in the first quarter! The other parents were like, “What did you guys feed Dalton today?!” Doesn’t he look like a superstar?!


After that, we drove back to Ardmore and enjoyed the Oklahoma sunset on the way. I took the “Scenic Turnout” off I-35, which, strangely enough, I had driven by a thousand times but never stopped to check out. Comparatively, it’s not super scenic, but it does have a charm all its own.

IMG_2952 Stitch

Later that night, we had some trick-or-treaters and even carved a pumpkin, which I love! All in all, it was a great day :).



  1. That sunset picture makes me homesick. Beautiful :)

  2. Wish we could see you while you're in the states! :(


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