Candice's mom got married on Friday; it was a success. They left married and happy, which made us happy. It's funny to see one of your parents act like a teenager in love, but then you realize that falling in love is not just for teenagers, it can happen to anyone anywhere, even over Cokes in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

It was the first wedding where I was the appointed, official photographer (I use that term very loosely to mean something like, "guy with a camera"). I don't think I did a really great job compared to some people I know who actually do this professionally; I blame part of this on deficient equipment, and the other part on people's general inability to stare at the camera and smile at all times.

I have to say, though, compared to other weddings, this one was pretty low drama and laid back, which is mostly a reflection of the personalities of the people who got married, and fairly surprising considering the newly-formed family is made up seven daughters, six sons-in-law and 12 grandchildren.

In other news, I'm typing this blog on my phone in front of McDonald's because they have free wi-fi... we're pretty desperate for a decent Internet connection; not, however, desperate enough to actually eat anything in McDonald's (you've got to draw the line somewhere). I leave with a few pics from the event:

The happy couple and their girls.


Seven years later and still just as happy as when we were 19 :).


Our nephews, Rylan and Dalton, were looking dapper.


This is just the immediate family and their crews. Wow.


All the sisters :) – Angi, Cara, Melissa, Jennifer, Candice, Baylee, and Kristina.



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