Baby Name Poll Results

Well, the poll is over and nearly 90 of you voted… so, where did we land after all the poll taking?

First of all, on the girl side, Emma just barely squeaked out a victory over Caris, but all the other names had a good showing as well, with Abigail, Francie, Hannah, and Isabel getting a little love from everyone it seems. I think this result mirrors our own feeling toward the girl names; there are many that we like and no clear winner yet.

As for the boy side, we were surprised to see Asher with a comfortable lead over Henry. And, to be honest, I thought Jack would come out on top by a mile; although, given that 5 of you voted for “Jack Daniel,” we might assume that some of those 5 would have gone to Jack, which would make it a near tie with Henry [unless, that is, it was the particular combination of Jack and Daniel that drew the votes :)].

Unfortunately, Jabar only got 2 votes :(… but just out of curiosity, who voted for it (besides my wife)?

Thanks for the input, it was fun to see the results! Many of you sent your own “write-in” votes during the poll (mostly requesting that we name the baby whatever your name is). Please continue to send write-ins, who knows, we might put all the names in one of those rotating barrels and have a lottery drawing for the baby’s name (but we probably won’t).


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