Cambridge in the Snow

Cambridge takes on a completely different shape over the Christmas holidays. It’s really the one time of the year when Cambridge is given back to the people who actually call it ‘home’. The students are gone, and tourists don’t start flooding the streets until the weather gets a bit nicer. For that reason, when I awoke a few days ago to see Cambridge blanketed in freshly fallen snow, I felt compelled to venture out into the quiet beauty of the city…

Cambridge Snow-75

Those of you who live here know how rare this photo is… I’m standing opposite King’s College with a clear view of the chapel, not a tourist in sight :).

Cambridge Snow-72

Cambridge Snow-78

Not a soul on the river… just ice and ducks (not that ducks are soul-less).

Cambridge Snow-82

Cambridge Snow-85

I felt pretty sly getting this one… the guy had no idea (or maybe he did and he just didn’t want to turn around and acknowledge the crazy guy taking pictures of his feet).

Cambridge Snow-96

Cambridge Snow-103

For all you dog lovers out there :)…

Cambridge Snow-105

I love this one… it’s like a gate to nowhere in the middle of a forest… seems like something you’d see in Narnia.

Cambridge Snow-109

Cambridge Snow-117

Cambridge Snow-132

Cambridge Snow-134

Does this hat make my face look fat?

Cambridge Snow-135

Cambridge Snow-138

Cambridge Snow-139

Cambridge Snow-142

Cambridge Snow-145

Cambridge Snow-148


  1. I just wrote this long comment and then blogger freaked out and deleted it. here are the highlights:
    1) good pics Col
    2) can I have a .jpg of the middle bridge one (under "ducks")?
    3) also really like narnia gate and man-feet - but prolly don't need .jpgs
    4) candice is super stunning in fur hood pic. you should hang that in your house for-ev-er.
    5) also love seeing her full-length and preggers! looking good candice.

    miss you both. don't want to get stuck in heathrow if i come next winter so maybe I'm back on for summer, as long as you promise to have little Lexie on my b-day. :) XO

  2. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Wow Collin...beautiful pics and Candice is complete stunning in those you took of her...your are one lucky guy. Just sayin. Candice you are beautful and pregnant looks good on are glowing. :)


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