Christmas Day!

Yesterday morning, after a long winter’s nap where not a creature was stirring, we awoke to find that Santa had managed to get down through one our old bricked up coal fireplaces and put presents in our stockings!


First, let me just say that I love stocking stuffers! They’re so fun, and they’re usually some of the more creative, practical, and surprising gifts. I got a ‘cord wrap’ gadget that keeps your headphones wrapped neatly so they don’t turn into a bird’s nest in your pocket :). Anyone else get some cool stocking stuffers?

As for the bigger presents, those are cool too. Among several other fun gifts, I got a pair of gloves that have finger pads that will work on an iphone (one of the more annoying things about the iphone is that you can’t us it when wearing gloves… until now, that is). This probably doesn’t sound that important to those of you who live in Texas, but it’s frickin’ cold here and having to take your gloves off every other minute to work your phone is just plain annoying!

For Christmas lunch, since Candice has an aversion to uncooked meats, I was in charge of the ham. I had decided beforehand that the best way to cook a ham is to boil it in Dr. Pepper for about an hour and a half. The only problem was that I did not have a pot big enough to boil an entire ham! “What am I going to do?” I said to myself. If only I had a Le Creuset 28cm Round Cast Iron Casserole Dish! Well, guess what Santa brought for Candice this year! That’s right, check it out, featured in the middle of our Christmas lunch spread… you see, one of the benefits of the Le Creuset is that it can go from stove top, to oven, to table (this should be a commercial!). The ham was delicious, by the way.


We loved our Christmas day. We got to hang out with a few friends who made the day very special for us, and even though we were away from family, we very much enjoyed being at home, lounging in our pajamas, cooking great food, opening fun presents, and watching Christmas movies.


  1. 1) Did baby J get a stocking? I don't understand why there are three stockings in the top picture.
    2) Glad that Santa brought a giant bottle of wine - that is just like the holidays at my house LOL! (we had champagne though)
    3) My favorite stocking stuffer that I received this year was a small recipe book of casseroles and stews.
    4) My favorite gift I received this year was MARIO KART for the Wii!!! (plus an extra steering wheel) Seriously, I'm totally loving it. Oh, and I got some awesome new pajamas - they are luxurious and fit me good - plus they are cute! :)
    5) For Christmas dinner - we didn't have it - instead we had "Snackdown Smackdown" where we had snack foods all day. However, we did make a ham as well - the thing is that ham is generally sold already cooked, so Candice probably could have made yours - but that is not important in what I'm about to say. I like the idea of the Dr. Pepper glaze. We use a brown sugar/mustard glaze and it is deeeeelicious, but Dr. Pepper probably reminded you of home, which is a good thing. We also had crackers, fancy cheeses, chips and salsa, parm/artichoke dip, and a variety of candies/sweets. And then my dad proceeded to kick our butts all the games we played.

    Glad your last Christmas as a two-person family was a good one. Miss you super lots. Love, Tiff

  2. OH, and I'm totally totally jealous of the Le Creuset casserole dish. I want one.

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  4. Oops! Let's try this again.

    We have so much in common! Collin, Kevin and I also received nifty cord wraps in our stockings from Santa, and I also received a pair of smart iphone gloves. :) Candice, I do not care for uncooked meats either! I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again...we really need to be neighbors someday...or at least live in the same city.

  5. My sister and I got smart gloves too! They are fantastic! :)


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