Christmas tree

Several months ago, some friends of ours were moving back to the states. In the process, they were giving away lots of things that wouldn’t really be practical to carry onto a plane. There is a general set of items that get handed down from person to person for this reason. For example, a Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments might fall into the category of things that would look silly going around the baggage reclaim carousel. So, in a sense, we became the stewards of the Christmas spirit, using the decorations until, one day, we will pass them on to others who will keep hope alive.

So, a few nights ago, we assembled and decorated our tiny Christmas tree. In our respective childhoods, this would be a bit of a family affair that would occupy an entire evening. Since we happened to have some people over, we decided to bake some cookies, put on some Christmas music, and decorate the tree with our friends. About 7 minutes later, the tree was assembled, lit, and decorated… I grossly overestimated the amount of time it would take to put up our tiny tree :).

Unfortunately, Candice and I forgot to grab our Christmas stockings while we were in Oklahoma, so we’ll have to make do with whatever we can find at ‘Poundland’ (read ‘Dollar Tree’). I bought a few extra lights to put on the tree, since it’s a bit comical how much our little tree resembles a Charlie Brown Christmas tree… pitifully sparse. Nonetheless, the yellow glow from her lights goes quite nicely with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold snowy evening in Cambridge.



Anyone else getting excited for Christmas?


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