Cinnamon has loads of health benefits… right?

Recently my friend Vanessa made homemade cinnamon rolls and shared the love with us. These rolls were delicious and met the deepest needs of my life. That is, until we had eaten the last of them. A few days later, the desire for more cinnamon rolls returned to our house in a fierce way.

And then I remembered that our friends Reagan and Kelly had both made Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls in the recent past. And then today Laura mentioned them too. Seriously, I can’t get away from the cinnamon goodness. I really want to make these babies, but here’s the thing: they look like a lot of work and I need to know if it’s going to be worth it! I can’t deal with putting in hours of time and countless amounts of emotional energy into these cinnamon rolls if they aren’t going to cut the mustard. Have you made them? Was it worth your time? Did you make the same frosting that PW recommends? We aren’t coffee fans, so I’m not sure if we’ll like it. Help.

I may or may not be making too big of a deal out of this quest for cinnamon rolls. Just ask my husband. I’ve only mentioned it 47 times in the past three days.


  1. I'm guessing you want OTHER people's advice but I would like to mention a couple of things regarding these glorious cinnamon rolls. First, yes...they are worth it, and my mom (a cinnamon roll expert) has told me that PW's recipe is much easier than the recipe she's made for years and years. Second, I am not crazy about the PW's maple-coffee icing, so I actually put a classic vanilla icing or an orange icing on her cinnamon rolls. Both flavors are delicious!

  2. Dont have a cinnamon roll related comment...I buy mine in a can and prefer the twist because Jagger can eat those easier. lol Just wanted to say...I love that you are pregnant and that you are craving cinnamon rolls and that it is taking over your life. You are beautiful and I love you can can. :)

  3. 1) agree with K/K that you can just make regular powdered sugar glaze for your cinnamon rolls (and I advocate for orange) and they will be delish. No need for maple-coffee.

    2) in case you are interested in an equally delicious, quite cinnamonny, and super easy alternative, my mom is sending out the "12 Monkey Bread" recipe this week (and if you email her with a pregnant woman's desperate request she might do it sooner). There is a picture on my facebook. It was super delicious and takes pre-made biscuits (if you have those around or can buy them at the gas station), so its fast and way easier than scratch cinnamon rolls. On the other hand, I've made the PW parker rolls for thanksgiving before (which are similar to cinnamon rolls in that they are a yeast roll) and they were pretty darned easy, so I'm sure the CR recipe is pretty easy, too.

    Love you lots. Love your sweet tooth. Miss you like a pregnant lady misses cinnamon rolls. LOL.


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