How to tell your husband it’s triplets

We had our first ultrasound yesterday. Obviously, we were excited to finally see our baby or babies, and to have some solid evidence that there was, indeed, a person growing inside Candice. I was also a little excited because I thought if I charmed the technician enough, she might do an ultrasound on me and end my life-long search for an answer to this question: Is there a chocolate-chip-cookie-shaped hole inside me?

And speaking of deeply ingrained suspicions, for years I have had this weird feeling that we would have twins… always telling Candice to prepare herself for a Francesco and Francesca, a Julio and Juliet, an Antonio and Antonia (a list of names which reveals my affinity for picking Latino names for our children). Then a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine said, “No, it won’t be twins, you’re gonna have triplets.” He was certain, and I had never even thought of triplets before. What if it was triplets? What would I do? That’s three sweaters, three toothbrushes, and six shoes to find every morning. I freaked out a little bit.

But alas, we went for our scan, and here is what we saw…


Yep, there’s little Phoebe (or Phoebo)… just the one baby, which, after having thought about it, is quite enough for the first go.

One interesting thing about the ultrasound was that Baby Bullard was dancing, moving, and squirming around everywhere (it’s never too early to start the ninja training). And another thing that was interesting were the measurements that they report on the side of the picture. If you’ll notice below, the rating for “Healthy aptitude for reconnaissance” measures how likely your baby is to be a super spy… in this case, Baby Bullard rates “high,” no surprise there. And the next rating is how powerful Baby Bullard is… you might notice that our baby is 100% powerful, which is pretty awesome because that’s the best power score you can get.


The official due date is June 24th, 2011, which seems like a very long time from now.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!! I am melting into a little puddle of love right now. :) Puddle of love...that is a great metaphor...or a great band name. :)

  2. Tell them to check again; I'm sure there's another one in there ;) Your baby is already beautiful! I love little Phoebe/Phoebo!

  3. oops, forgot to sign that-- kelleigh :)

  4. 1) when I thought the due date was my birthday, I was worried you'd deliver early and spoil it... :)
    but now that I see the due date is the 24th, I can officially put all my eggs in God's basket and hope she arrives on the 21st with greater likelihood of it happening! WOOHOOOO!!!!

    2) HAR and PWR. Hilarious, Collin. Love it. Also, when Candice told me that little Lexie was moving around in there, I totally said that she was already being a ninja like her dad - wishing she had tennis shoes on in there. Candice's reply? "Yeah, she's already scoping out the exits" LOL!

  5. Love it! Glad the scan went well, hope it was fun!
    I guess I should look back at our pictures to see what kind of spy-potential our munchkin has ;) - Michelle

  6. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing, x

  7. Of course your baby will grow up to be a spy! The number 5? Prague? Any of that ring a bell. And the most common male version of Phoebe that I've heard is Phoebus, but if you choose to name your baby Phoebo, I'd still be honored ;)

    The female Barron


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