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Recently, we were very blessed to host two houseguests who were refreshingly laid back. I say they were “refreshingly laid back” mostly because we just finished a three-week-jaunt around the U.S. that, despite bits of respite, was a bit stressful. So I think the laid-backness was  appreciated a little more than usual.

Not only this, but it was around Thanksgiving and we were away from family, so we were all the more grateful for the bits of history we share. It’s nice to have history with people. History is like an old book that you can pick up and open to any page, it doesn’t matter where you left off, the next place you start is just as good. History makes friendship feel more like roots.

Last weekend, Gary came to visit (you might have seen him in our Thanksgiving dinner pics). Gary is doing well, which really makes us happy. Sometimes you get used to hearing bad news from friends or you grow accustomed to hearing from friends who are in crises. It’s nice to hear your friends are just doing really well. Gary is a generous and helpful friend, I’m pretty sure he bought us food more than once, and he didn’t complain at all at helping Collin with the Happy Honda for half the day.

The past few days, we hosted a very kind houseguest, Emily. We know Emily from our time at Baylor, where she was a star student in undergrad and then survived completed the same graduate program as me. Emily has been spending her winter months living and serving at L'Abri (if you’re interested) and used her few days off to come to Cambridge for a quick visit. You know those people who just bless you by being around? That's the way Emily is. Here, I’ll prove it.

Me, while we’re sitting around in our pajamas: “Emily, what would you like to do today.”
Emily: <sigh> “This.”

She was so gracious when we stayed in our pajama's until noon, she washed the dishes, and even left us a beautiful gift.

This is the view from our guest room:


This is the gift Emily left on the desk:


This hand painted piece will soon be in a frame in the guest bedroom. What a terrific talent to have! Maybe we can convince others to leave a bit of their artwork in the guest room, too (ahem, Donna Hunt).

To Gary and Emily, thanks for the gifts: the history, the artwork, and the friendship.


  1. i love the view from the guest room. I also sketched it - but took it with me for my own memory! (At least I think I took it with me) In all seasons, that view is delightful. It is the thing I will miss the most when you have to leave the Vicarage.

  2. I will miss the view too. And the space. And our large table. And a lot of other things. Have no fear, TR, the wine will come along where ever we go next. :)


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