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Okay, so I just looked at the “Stats” page on our blog, and some really strange statistics struck me. Google says that we have 27 hits on our blog from someone in the Dominican Republic. Does that really mean that someone in the Dominican Republic is interested in our blog, or did someone we know go on vacation there and just had to find a way to read our blog 27 times? Maybe there are international spies who are monitoring our posts about babies? Or maybe they’re just accidental hits from people googling “awesome Americans” or “people who love cookies” and then stumbling upon our blog. Whoever you are, thank you for bringing the Bullards to the Caribbean audience, I like to think that our posts have a little something for everyone. We’d be delighted to hear from you if you’re out there.

On a related note, I’d like to challenge all our readers to access our blog from the most remote places you might go. It would be AWESOME to have some hits from Antarctica or Zimbabwe. And for as many people as we know from Australia, it’s kind of sad that we don’t have any hits there.

In conclusion, if you’re about to travel to another country over Christmas (let’s say, to Spain or Australia), then please do us a solid and put our blog on the map in more countries!


  1. i'll be sure to hit you up in the virgin islands come january!! :)


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