Two of my favorite things, together at last…

Sugar. Cookies. we had never made them before, but, what can I say, we got into the Christmas spirit and whipped up a batch of sugar cookies. These were mostly a test batch to see what the recipe was like before we make them for the purpose of full on decorating.

Nothing special here… when it comes to sugar cookies (or any other cookie for that matter), I’m a bit of a purist. My theory here is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So I didn’t mess around with anything fancy, just straight up butter, flour, sugar BAM! and you’ve got sugar cookies.


I could eat the dough until it made me sick, then I’d probably moan and groan about my stomach while saying, “I regret nothing!” Raise your hand if you like sugar cookies (I’m now typing with one hand). When we do icing and decorations on them they’ll look prettier, but for my money they taste the best right out of the oven with nothing on them. Like this…


Candice pretends like my passion for cookies is unhealthy, but don’t let her fool you, when my back is turned, I hear her whispering sweet nothings to the cookies.


Edit: Hey team. This is Candice now. I just had to tell you that while I fully appreciate my husband’s affinity for cookies, sometimes it goes just a little too far. Take tonight, for instance. We had made the sugar cookies and omystinkinggosh, they were warm and chewy and I think I could eat one every day for the rest of my life. But you know your husband is a true cookie fiend when he comes to bed with cookie dough on his neck. Saving it for later, I guess. 


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