“Where to buy American products in the UK” or “An epic rip-off”

Today our friends Sarah and Joel tipped us off about a gas station here in Cambridge that sells American products… real black-market, hard-to-find stuff like Pace Picante Sauce, Hershey’s syrup, and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. So, this afternoon we made the pilgrimage to check out this supposed Nabisco Nirvana.

Why don’t you just watch what happened upon our arrival… just a few seconds after we walked in the store, my desire got the better of me and I wanted it all! [Turn up your volume]


If you’re lucky enough to know someone in the military who can score Nutter Butters for you at the base, then great… as for the rest of us, we have to get our fix from those who ‘prey on human weakness’.

They did not, however, have any Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream. And we did not spend the $10 for a box of Nilla wafers. :(  Instead, the $10 goes to the first person who can obtain Blue Bell’s ‘nectar of the gods’ for us.


  1. I'm pretty sure the babies want Nilla wafers. And really isn't $10 a worthwhile investment in American comfortfood?!?! (I mean, sparingly, but still, once in a while?)

    Most importantly, just think of how much money has been spent mailing you chocolate chips from America (well, not by me, but I think by other people) - or consider the weight added to your bag when you "imported" them.... I think they are totally worth the purchase.

    But since I am right now munching on a Nestlay Toolhouze cookie right now, I am pretty biased.

    XO, Tiff

  2. Where is this place ?!?! Do tell!!


  3. Head out of town on Barton Rd. (toward Barton), a couple of miles past the M11 on Barton Rd., there is a "Pace" petrol station on the left. :) - Collin

  4. Okay...so there I am standing in the post office with a box, whats in the box? Nilla Wafers, Mac and Cheese, Nutter Butters, Oreos...I am sending them to the UK to who? To you...well...Baby Bullard really but anyways she rings it up....AND $59!!!! FIFTY NINE DOLLARS...to ship cheap American food. :( There goes my plan. So I could either take a collection from your family members or send you $59 to splurge on american food at that gas station. :) LOVE YALL sorry I couldnt send some American love your way. :( -Cheryl


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