Kick in the face

I got kicked in the face tonight. Have you ever been kicked in the face? Typically, getting kicked in the face is not a fun experience, as I can attest from going three seasons in the Octagon. There’s usually a lot of dizziness and bruising involved, and, inevitably, someone asks you some stupid question the next day: “Hey man, what happened to your eye? It looks like you got kicked in the face!”

Like I said, not a fun experience… except, that is, when the person that is kicking you in the face is inside your wife’s belly. Such was the case tonight. So if I’m smiling tomorrow, feel free to ask, “Collin, what happened to your face?” The reply will be, “My baby is a ninja-daddy-face-kicker.”


  1. So sweet! That is exciting!

  2. Classic Collin "My baby is a ninja-daddy-face-kicker" - hilarious. But since we've known all along that this baby has your ninja skills we should not be surprised.

    Awesome story, Collin!! Love hearing about Baby Bullard. Or as I like to call her Lexie.

  3. This brings a smile to my face. I'm so happy for you all.

    - Jeff

  4. Love this. Vera kicked Marc in the head one day. I had just read that it was possible for Dad's to hear the baby's heartbeat through the belly so Marc thought he would try it. It was pretty funny. Also, our nickname for Vera was Ninja baby because she would always allude those who wanted to feel her moving. It was like she knew that they were trying to feel her move. She was stealth. That is why baby Bullard and Vera will be a great couple. :)


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