Oh how times have changed

I think it started back in high school. I busied myself with school, church, the boyfriend, cheerleading, etc. so much so that I rarely had a free night at home. My senior year I had two jobs and helped my mom with a third. I would sometimes eat dinner and change clothes in the car (while driving, don’t tell!) in order to make it from one commitment to the other. The craziness continued in college, although life was streamlined a bit when Collin and I got married and I worked at the same church where we attended with all of our friends. Still, when there wasn’t something official happening, there were people at our house. We started to get antsy if it had been more than a few nights without someone coming over to eat our food or just hang out. Grad school only made matters worse as I became unable to even sit at home for any significant amount of time without getting bored. We went out to eat all the time, busied ourselves with who knows what (really, I don’t even know) and rarely lasted more than a few hours in our little on-campus apartment.

And then we moved to Cambridge. Oh, praise the Lord; life has changed. Now we don’t go out often at all, we cook a ton, we enjoy our friends but aren’t frantic about filling our time with activities. The first year we were here we were involved in a particular activity, but this year decided not to participate because, get this, it lasted until 10pm! Seriously, what’s happened to us that we can’t stay out until 10pm? If we have multiple nights in one week that are busy, I get anxious and sometimes even panic because I feel we aren’t getting enough time at home.

And don’t say it’s because I’m pregnant; this change happened long before little Jabar came along. Regardless of what brought about this change, I’m thankful for it. Thankful that we are content enough in life to want to be at home, doing nothing together. Thankful that we have good friends who make our lives full. Thankful that life isn’t so hectic and scattered all of the time.


  1. Just wait until the little man gets here. :) Life takes a whole new turn. So great, but I admit a bigger adjustment than I anticipated. Praying for you!

  2. i completely agree. my life is very much the same way...we used to go, go, go all the time and now i'm like you-if i can't have at least most of my nites during the week free to be home and be lazy or do whatever, i get stressed, tired and cranky. what happened to us?!? i guess we are old:) and i'm not even preggo yet-ha!! glad to know i've got company in this situation....:)

  3. I think that as you get older (pregnant/married or not), you just reevaluate your priorities and also, I know that even for a total ENFP like me, I need more reflection and individual time than I ever did when I was younger.

    There is something about having a few nights at home a week - whether they are used productively, or just to watch TV - that is life giving.

  4. I echo the sentiment! And constantly feel like we have taken on too much- it's ok to be a little selfish about your home time!

    Just wait until the 3rd trimester though, even getting off the couch to make dinner these days seems like a huge task I have to gear myself up for!!!


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