Our latest scan :)

So we’ve taken a little bit of a vacation from blogging over the past few weeks. But don’t worry, you haven’t been missing out; the lack of blogging has more or less coincided with a very quiet few weeks.

This past week, however, was quite exciting. As many of you may know, we found out that we are having a BOY! We were very excited to get this piece of news, as we’ve been anxiously awaiting the time when we could buy gender-specific baby clothes/stuff!

We went to the hospital on Thursday morning to have our scan. People had been asking us for a while what we “thought” the sex of the baby would be, but we honestly had know idea. We had, however, been referring to the baby as “she” for a while, mostly in an effort to avoid the “it” pronoun. We intended to switch off between “she” and “he” but just didn’t switch to “he”. So over time, I think that we started to envision having a girl, which is something that we didn’t want to do, since we really wanted to go into the scan with zero expectations. To that end, Candice started saying “he” the day before the scan and I adopted the reasonable proposal that since all our friends were having girls, we would probably have a boy, since the 50/50 average has to work out somehow!

The scan itself was fun… I think it would have been more fun if they let me put the jelly stuff on my stomach and then see what I had going on in there, but, alas, that’s not how they operate. The “ultrasound technician” took us on a tour of the cathedral that is Candice’s uterus, and Baby Boy Bullard and I agreed that it actually looks like a nice place to live. He moved around A LOT during the scan, mostly rocking out on the air guitar… although, at one point he did a move that looked like a triple salchow (sow cow), but it was hard to tell with all the air guitar.

IMG_4822 edit 

At the end of the tour around the uterus, the nice lady gave us a clear shot of the “between the leg” area… and there it was, unmistakable… the lady says, “Well, those look like little boy bits to me.” Indeed they were :). The only trouble is, now I’m confused as to whether he’s going to be a figure skater or a rock star? Maybe he’ll take after his uncle Chris?


  1. FRIENDS! i have been out of blogging cyberspace from some time, so i just saw this post and saw that you are expecting! I AM SO, SO, SO HAPPY for you - ALL THREE!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i won't be @ naspa this year, candace, b/c it's the week of my due date, but MAN! i'd love to see you and give you a hug around your neck! i am just thrilled!


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