Kelleigh and Jared

We recently had some visitors from Oklahoma, our old friends, Kelleigh and Jared Whaley. Even though they had the absolute worst travel experience getting over here, they were in very good spirits and we had a great time!

We toured around Cambridge on a reasonably nice Spring day… the city was beautiful, obviously, but the best part was getting to catch up on the latest with friends that we don’t get to see nearly enough. Here’s a picture where we really look like American tourists with our North Face jackets worn proudly :). The guys who work for the punting companies kept asking us if we wanted to “go for a punt”, and Jared asked me how they knew we were tourists… this is how:


We went to see Kings College Chapel, which I’ve seen like a bajillion times (or is it bagillion?), but every time I go inside, I feel like I’ve forgotten how cool it is. I think this is the best shot I’ve taken so far.


Candice and Kelleigh grew up cheerleading and slumber partying together, so we’ll put this photo with the large bunch of pictures from the days of braces and jean shorts.


This one turned out great! I know it looks fake… but it’s not.


We were sad to see them go… they were a little less sad to go, I think, because they were headed to Italy for 9 days. Nonetheless, they left us a nice present upon their departure… part of which you can see Candice wearing in the photos posted a couple of days ago :).


  1. that is awesome!! love it!!! so beautiful there. totally would love to come for a visit sometime myself!! :)

  2. guess who got ginger ale with lime on every flight on the way home? :) it was so great to see y'all. --kel


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