We had a couple of sunny days this past week, and one afternoon, Candice and I went for walk towards town. We turned the corner by Corpus Christi College and stumbled upon a crowd of people just standing around looking across the street at the entrance to the College. There were a few men in suits with earpieces and walkie-talkie’s, so we were intrigued and asked someone what was going on. They were all waiting for Prince Charles to come out!

It’s not unusual for members of the royal family to be doing things around Cambridge, in fact, the Queen has been in town a couple of times since we’ve lived here, but we’ve never seen any of them before. Since we had absolutely nothing going on, and nothing better to do, we decided to stand and wait for him to come out… it was, after all, somewhat exciting to watch the crowds build.


It was kind of humorous that no one seemed to show up at that place and time for the purpose of seeing Prince Charles, people just gradually joined the crowd as they were walking by, and apparently, they didn’t have anything better to do either… much like us :).

Here’s his car:


It was actually quite shocking how very little security there was for him… the car didn’t look bulletproof, and there were only a few bodyguards… I guess that’s how they roll over here. Here he is waving at the crowds.


And here he is staring RIGHT AT ME!


Nice to meet you, Charlie; next time stop in for a spot of afternoon tea :).


  1. I love that you happened to have your fancy-cam with you on the walk!! These pics are great!

  2. So legit! I had some friends who are in St. Andrews this term, and they just got to see Prince William and Kate a few weeks ago. Oh, Britain and they're royalty being everywhere. :-)


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