Top ten ways to know it was a rockin’ party…

10. People keep showing up with food and drink that you didn’t ask them to bring.

9. Better than half of your guests have or are in the process of getting their PhD… and the party is fun in spite of that.

8. People mention sleeping over because they don’t want to leave.

7. You ask if anyone wants water and no one raises their hand. You ask if anyone wants Scotch and 8 people raise their hands.

6. Midway into the party, one of your guests starts going by the nickname, “Blade.”

5. There was ranch dip (you have to live in England to truly appreciate how important, and rare, the Hidden Valley is for a party… apparently, there are no Hidden Valleys over here).

4. By the end of the night, the women had sequestered themselves in the food room to plot world domination.

3. The cake has four layers with chocolate strawberries on top.


2. The people who were there were all people you love!


1. You were at the party with the cutest pregnant girl ever!



  1. Happy to see you guys living in contentment and surrounded by good friends- and another preggo! Thanks for finally sharing a picture of that looker you got there. Looking beautiful Candice!


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