Cambridge Springtime

The weather has been glorious. Cambridge is a different place in the spring and summer. If, for example, you come to visit us in the winter, we would probably have your pity for having to cope with the short days; but if you come to visit during the summer, we would probably be the object of your envy for living in such a beautiful place.

I’m sure this is exaggerated; those of you who are lucky to have good weather most of the year may not think anything of a day that is sunny and 75… but to us, there’s something about it that is healing to the soul.

In any case, I’ve blogged about all that before… but the change in the weather is just such a big event over here that I thought it worth the mention.

So, in true British fashion, we’ve been doing several things over the past couple of weeks: a) looking out the window every 30 mins. just to make sure the sun really IS out, b) going outside just to stand there and put our faces in the sun, c) exclaiming to everyone how hot it is when the temp gets above 70 :).

Here’s a few highlights from our recent walks along Grantchester meadows to enjoy the weather:

Friends: the Dixons and the Appels.


Our way  was blocked by some cows, so we had to take a detour… and things didn’t work out so well for Nicki… I really like this picture, though… I think it’s a good image of fun on a spring day :).


Candice looking happy… probably because she is.


Here’s one from yesterday… our friends Simon and Alice got back into town and we got to hang out with them for first time in nearly 5 months! Here’s Simon throwing a grape at me :)


Here we are… looking happy again…


Here’s Candice at 32 weeks! Doesn’t she look great?!


Here’s the delightful lemon cake from the Orchard (a nice place to have tea near the river)… while I was in line getting the lemon cake, I’m pretty sure a British girl hit on me! She said that my lemon cake looked good, so she got the same thing. Then she asked if I came to the Orchard often, and was sure to mention that the guy she was with was just her ‘friend.’ Yep, Collin’s still got the magic :)!


The rapeseed is full on, and it makes the fields along Grantchester meadows bright gold… it’s pretty awesome…


There’s so much more to blog about… Happy Easter to everyone. Talk to you soon.


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