Caution: your baby is in mortal peril

Parents-to-be should be given a directory of people to call who have been-there-done-that-got-the-t-shirt. You know, so we could call a veteran at any time of day or night just to say 'Is it really NECESSARY to buy a cute (read: expensive) hand-made bumper for the crib?' (The answer appears to be no, it's not only unnecessary, but may cause actual harm to my baby should I invest in such a cute, decorative accessory. Who knew?) Thankfully, we have an army of family and friends of the parenting variety on whom we can call to discuss our hyper-sensitive wonderings. Just today I Facebooked a friend and said 'Do we really have to wash Jabar's clothes in a different detergent than the brand we use for our own clothes?' (She said it's a good idea; the baby's skin will be much more sensitive than ours.)

The hard part about all of this is that every family does it differently, don't they? And everyone, not just super-moms like Michelle Duggar, but everyone who has a child, has ever been around a child, or even has as second-cousin-in-law under the age of 15, thinks they know the way and the truth about all things baby. And they aren't shy to share their inarguable truths, are they? Which, don't get me wrong, is great when we have questions or feel lost about just what size of diapers (don't even get me started on what KIND of diapers) we should use for our little man.

But sometimes I just have to wonder if it's all necessary. Will my baby's brain really not develop properly if he watches the television screen for 5 minutes? Will his hips really align incorrectly if we put him in a particular brand of carrier a time or two? I just can't help but think probably not. Hey, I'm no veteran, but I have a few second-cousins-in-law who don't seem to fret about such things, and they are doing just fine.

End note: While we like to think we are super calm and relaxed about all of this, don't hold us to it. :) We fully recognize and admit that once the little guy arrives, we are going to be a big bundle of nervous energy and will be forever grateful for anyone who shows up at our flat reminding us not to sweat the small stuff. I think I might just cry tears of joy when my sister shows up and laughs in the face of all of this 'that's going to kill your baby' hooplah.


  1. I am a firm believer in the 'take it one thing at a time' and 'whatever you thinks work best for you- go with that' approaches. It really is amazing how many opinions are out there once you join the parenthood club, a million and one things open up to you that you never even considered thinking about- and still might consider not thinking about. The beauty of it all is you have chosen your life partner already and that's the only opinion you need to consider.
    (I do realize by offering this, I am just as much at guilt for having an opinion and sharing it!) =)

  2. Okay I am not a know it all....but for my baby shower I got all kinds of diapers. EVERY BRAND leaked except Pampers. I used Pampers Swaddlers and then Pampers Baby Dry until now! Jagger has had one diaper rash in his two years of life because baby dry pulls the wet away from his skin. I tell all new parents this because it was one of the most valuable lessons I learned...I wished someone had told me because changing a babies diaper, clothes, and bedding in the middle of the night because of leaks STINKS!

  3. I have no specific experience-related comments to offer except this: as far as I can tell, babies have been being born and growing up fine since the Cain and Abel (ok, well, most of them grew up fine) and what appears to matter the very most is that you love them with your whole heart. I'm pretty sure that you are going to that part as well as anyone out there (and much better than some), so all the other stuff will eventually fall into place.

    Now, that being said, I'm confident you should invest in specific diapers, soap, blankets, toys, and videos or else you baby will grow up crooked, sad, and tormented.(J/K)

    Here's my real advice: Get that baby back to the US, so I can grow up with him and marry him to my future daughters. (I'm planning on having a few of them, so I can also marry one to Heath, FYI).

  4. Most of the advice you get from magazines, etc is kind of hyper-parent advice. Also, if you want to use only one detergent I recommend using either an all natural one or using All Free and Clear. I don't know if those brands are available over there, but we use All and Vera has been fine. Also, use whatever diapers are free from friends. :) But in all honesty we only ever disliked the Luvs diapers. You guys are awesome and will be the best parents!


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