Mail call

Who doesn’t love getting mail? And when something special from a good friend arrives, it's even better! Two days in the past week turned out to be good mail days.

Last week we got a much anticipated package from our dear friend Tiffani. Inside was this beauty:


It's a gorgeous baby quilt with a classic look on one side and a fun monkey print on the other. We love it! I have seen a few other things Tiff has made for other expecting mums and dads and think this is, without a doubt, her best work yet! Since I'm no sewing expert, you can read more about Tiffani's adventure in making this quilt here.

And then today Collin burst through the door carrying a box that had clearly made its way across the Atlantic. I couldn't wait to tear into it, especially when I saw it had come from the Anderson's, who are our long lost friends in South Dakota. Inside we found this too-cute of a plush toy block, handmade by Carrie:


Along with a these two precious blankets, made by Carrie's awesome mama. (Thank you, Ms. Evie! I love that we are Facebook friends!)

Carrie and Marc also sent us the most adorable little hat that I cannot wait to put on Jabar and several books, a few for baby and a few for us. This is right up our alley, especially with my newfound freedom and extra time to read. I will share with you the funniest one:

On the front is a spinner titled 'The Wheel of Responsibility'. 7 out of the 8 options on wheel say 'dad' is the responsible party. :) Thanks for a good laugh, Andersons! Carrie blogs about life and crafty things here.

While we are far away from family and old friends and could let that be a bummer during this pregnancy and the arrival of Jabar, small and large things are always reminding us that the same people we are missing are already loving our little guy from across the ocean.


  1. Sooooo cute!!! Jabar should be getting something from me any day now. It's not homemade, but it's still super cute! Miss you guys!

  2. That quilt looks even BETTER across the miles! LOL - I'm so glad you love it. And I love how well the colors of Carrie's gift go with the colors of mine! And obviously you have just discovered that your nursery has a jungle animal theme! :D

    We do love you, and we love Jabar already. And last night I suggested to my new beau that we should move to England because they have socialized health care and accents....... and he agreed. So just in case you can't move back to the states, apparently, we might be able to move to you instead! :)

    Love you!


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