Photography: Time-lapse

I’m pretty bad at keeping plants alive, and I have had a basil plant for a while that can attest to the number of times I have almost let it die. For some reason, I just wouldn’t think about watering the basil plant until it was almost completely wilted. I’m getting better and better at this, but the amazing thing is that the little plant would bounce back so quickly, going from wilted to vibrant in no time!

I thought it would be cool to capture the process on camera, so I let the plant wither a little bit, then I watered it and set the camera to take a picture of the plant about 8 seconds for a couple of hours while the plant slowly came back to life… here’s the result. In case you’re wondering, the sweet guitar melody is just a little something my brother recorded on the fly years ago, but I thought it went nicely with the video.


  1. Brooks really liked this one- especially the music. When it was over he said "what happened mamma?" I asked if he liked the music- "yes I liked it so much!" He also loved the ways the color of the light of the background changed in the window. His final exclmation- "It's saved!" We have now watched it about 4 times...

  2. As good an Easter post as any. :) Chris's music was great.

    Its fun to watch plants revive - I love how you can visibly see it happen (even without time lapse). As an FYI, underwatering is way better than overwatering, so your plants have probably been thriving in your habitual forgetting (just don't forget entirely). :)

  3. I'm SO thankful to find another herb grower! How long did it take to grow?? I planted mine 5 weeks ago and they're still little bitty plants!



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