10 days and counting

Our laziness in blogging might be related to our increasing focus on eating, sleeping, cleaning, and nesting… in any case, here are a few thoughts for the home stretch:

1. Only 10 days until the due date! That’s craziness people! It could really be any day now, and judging by Candice’s discomfort, it seems as though she would like it to be sooner rather than later. Any guesses as to the day? Any attachments to a particular date? I thought being born on the solstice would be cool (that’s also Tiffani’s birthday, which would be cool for Tiffani, but less cool for the rest of you). Candice doesn’t really have a preference, but if anyone suggests that she’ll be two weeks late, you might get a punch in the gut next time you see her (just kidding, but she’s ready to get this baby out).

2. Last Monday we went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital. The lady who was running the class was a little bit out of control… she fit right into the mold of “midwife-who-is-judging-you-because-you-aren’t-parenting-her-way.” Literally, she told a story of going to someone’s house a few days after they had given birth and seeing magazine’s fanned out neatly on the coffee table. She said, “Hmm, seems like we’ve been spending a little too much time cleaning the house, haven’t we?” In other words, a clean house equals parental neglect. The class wasn’t a total bust, however, they did show two videos that were quite informative… a couple of times, I made sound effects to go along with the breastfeeding video… I’m so not grown up enough to have a kid :)!

3. We took a few pictures the other day… thought you might be interested to see what 38 weeks is looking like:

2011-06-12 38 Weeks (19)

2011-06-12 38 Weeks (12)

2011-06-12 38 Weeks (1)

2011-06-12 38 Weeks (33)

4. I also took a picture of this:


This is Collin’s famous chopped BBQ… I felt a little uneasy about the possibility of a food shortage after having the baby. We got some great foil containers (the kind with the little cardboard top), and I went to the butcher and got six pounds of beef roast! 14 hours later, we had a crock pot full of BBQ… and this picture is just the part that we decided to freeze for later. The real genius of the whole system is that you can take the container directly from the freezer and put it in the oven, then an hour or so later you can have chopped BBQ but you don’t have to wash any dishes, no tupperware to store it and no casserole dish to cook it! Genius! That is, of course, if I understand how all this works… can anyone comment on how to reheat frozen stuff? Is it okay to take it directly from the freezer to the oven?

That’s all for now, folks. Not sure what the update plan is for baby Bullard’s arrival, but it will be something between the extremes of a live video feed from the birth centre and a Facebook status update a week later. :)


  1. 1) In exchange for confirming that "yes, you can move food directly from freezer to oven" (stouffers has been doing it for years, incidentally) - bake at 350 (or whatever that is in england) for at least an hour, probably.... anyway, in exchange, I want your chopped BBQ recipe, por favor.
    2) Having Jabar on my birthday would be cool for EVERYONE. Seriously, its the solstice (awesome). Its my birthday (double awesome). It is a number divisible by 3 and 7, both good prime numbers (triple awesome). AND most importantly for Candice, it means three days fewer of carring him in her body (BAM! Awesome to infinity.)
    3) Candice looks terrific. Collin, you look kind of chubby. (just kidding, you look really good for a guy who recently consumed three pounds of BBQ...) :)

    love you both. Praying for you all the time, now that you are in the home stretch!

  2. I am guessing. June 18th.
    Candice I remember the last few days being torture! I think it is so that the pain of labor pales in comparison to staying pregnant. LOL You look so beautiful and I wish I could come visit your sweet boy in the hospital after you have him. I cant wait for his first trip home and I BETTER GET A PHONE CALL! Good luck I will be thinking about you guys!

  3. Love you both :) praying for you and baby.

  4. SO EXCITING THAT I HAVE TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS! Seriously. Also, the beef looks amazing. Candice, you are one seriously cute pregnant woman. Collin, you're not so bad yourself. :) I am so pumped to see the pictures. I will be praying for you guys. Please let me know if you have any specific concerns. :)

  5. We, too, took the breastfeeding class, even though my mama was a Le Leche League leader for like..a gazillion years. We had to bring a doll and practice the different holds with it. I learned this: 1. I am very judgmental and wanted to tattle on the couple that brought a teddy bear. The directions said BABY DOLL. Not stuffed animal. 2. Our "teacher" told us she had only successfully nursed her first baby for 6 weeks. 3. I didn't remember a dang thing from the class after Owen was born. So glad my mama was there.
    I'm thinking June 23 for baby to arrive. xoxo, Erin


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