3 weeks and counting!

Friday marked 37 weeks for Candice carrying our baby, which means that we have less than 3 weeks to go until the due date! What’s even more freaky is that people keep telling us, “Well, it could be anytime now, couldn’t it?” First of all, that’s so British to end a statement with a question- stop it. Second of all, that is the last thing you should say to someone who is trying not to be stressed… now I’m just gonna be on the edge of my seat for the next 3 weeks! If Candice  sneezes, I’m googling, “Can sneezing cause labor?” It’s just not healthy to be that high-strung for so long.

Of course, some of the above is for comic effect, and I don’t feel super anxious just yet, mostly because statistically Candice is much more likely to go past her due date rather than deliver early. But still, knowing that it could be any time is a little unnerving.

People have told us that we need to eat out more often since it will be more rare for us to go out after we have the baby. We’ve really taken that bit of advice to heart, I think, and have been giving ourselves permission to eat out just a little more. We went out to a nice place on our anniversary this week, and yesterday we went to pizza hut, which was the polar opposite of the nice place. I think we were the only ones in the restaurant who didn’t have three screaming kids; there was crying, running, yelling… and that was just the parents trying to corral their kids. It was like we were being shown the reality of what our life will be like soon. All in all, I think we’re fine with it… after all, if having kids means you take them to pizza hut on Saturday, we feel like we could handle a little more pizza in our lives.

We’ve also been ‘nesting’ a little bit… but I’ve realized that my nesting is very different from Candice’s. Candice wants to get all the laundry done, while I’m more concerned about having all of my camera and camcorder batteries fully charged, memory cards cleared off, and picture organizing and backup protocols set up and ready to go. All of which, let’s be honest, is just as important as laundry :).

The other humorous part of my ‘nesting’ instinct is, big surprise, related to food. I’ve been really eager to make a giant crock pot full of chopped barbeque and freeze it all. Apparently, I don’t feel prepared to bring this baby home unless I can, at any given moment, have a chopped barbeque sandwich at the ready.

I’d better go, I’ve got a lot of restaurant dining, computer organizing, and chopped barbeque making to do before we have this baby!


  1. You are hilarious Collin. I am so stoked for you guys to enter parenthood! Your wife is going to be a rockstar giving birth and you will be the best support for her going through it! Enjoy the eating out and nesting. People told me to also sleep while you can- that is more a tease than anything. Sleep can't be banked and when you are this excited and also this pregnant sleep is tough to come by already.

  2. I love the idea of you waking up for the 2am feeding, Collin, and while you are getting Jabar to hand off to Candice, you pop a BBQ sandwich in the microwave. Hilarious. I mean, if Jabar is eating, you might as well, too.

  3. This made me smile! Sounds like you two have a great nesting partnership!

  4. Im sad! I wish you were here. I want to come see you and the baby at the hospital! Get on a plane...you can still make it! You might have to lie about how far along you are though!

  5. You guys are going to be such awesome parents!! That being said, I was 2 weeks early with Owen, but then again, you could have another 5 weeks, since my sister was 15 days late with her first. Congratulations and can't wait to hear about the labor...if you want to share it. I love a good labor story. Are you planning a home birth? Birth center? We are planning a home birth for this little one. :) xoxo, Erin


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