40 weeks!

Well, today Candice is 40 weeks pregnant… and still no action. In fact, the percentage of women who give birth on the exact due date is quite low (so I’ve learned). But I’ve also learned that 80% of women give birth within 10 days of the due date, and, to be honest, this means absolutely nothing to me because it still tells us nothing.

Then again, I quite like the fact that they can’t really predict things like this… it makes it exciting, and, in some way, might be nature’s way of getting you to really want it before it happens. The only statistic that really matters is this: we are 100% having a baby in the imminent, very near future.

I have found myself checking my phone more often when I’m away from Candice, just making sure I haven’t missed any calls… or texts maybe? That would be funny, though, wouldn’t it? I can imagine the autocorrect on the phone making some pretty humorous mistakes with a text message. 

Unfortunately, Candice’s phone has been acting up lately, and it won’t keep a signal! If you’re thinking to yourself, “Hmm, this sounds like just the sort of situation where Collin would have a backup phone in the drawer for just such an occasion.” You are correct :). Sadly, Candice is not very happy with her £5 phone. There was a time when we all lived very contented lives without iPhones, but now is not that time. Once you’re able to access email, facebook, skype, and everything else on your phone… it’s hard to go back to the standard Nokia where all you’ve got is the “Snake” game. This may sound like a trivial thing to have to go without (and it is, in the big scheme of things), but right now we are really missing our families and friends, and somehow having facebook and email in your pocket helps a little. Also, Candice would like me to mention to anybody looking to get rid of an old iPhone 3GS: you have her personal assurance that it will have a good home and will NOT be accidentally dropped in the toilet. IPhone 4’s are also welcome. :)


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