I thought I would put up some pictures to satisfy everyone’s queries about whether Candice still has a baby in her tummy.

Here we are at 39 weeks :)


And here she is today, 40 weeks + 1 day pregnant:


So, as you can see… there’s definitely still a baby in there. And he’s taking his sweet little time, too… maybe he likes keeping everyone in suspense.

Speaking of… everyone has been really sweet… texting and emailing us asking how Candice is doing (one person even asked how I was doing!). We feel like you’re all waiting with us :). One small note, however, about my facebook post a few days ago when I said that we were “ready whenever he was ready”… just to clarify, I was NOT saying that Candice was in labor. I was just saying we were ready and waiting. After I had said that, I realized that I had just ordered some ribs and was really looking forward to eating them, which made me think, “maybe we’re not ready just yet, but in 30 minutes after I finish my ribs, then we’ll be ready”… sorry for the confusion.


  1. YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL (BOTH OF YOU), WHAT I WOULDNT GIVE TO TOUCH THAT BELLY. :) Thinking of you both. Are you going to have time to post that she is in labor before you go to the hospital? I hope so!

  2. Just had this funny memory of when Kristina was pregnant with Kaiti and I would put head phones on her belly and turn up the Patrick Swayze song She's Like the Wind. LOL I wanted Kaiti to be a fan in utero. I am laughing so hard thinking about it. I think it was good luck because look how cute Kaiti is....maybe filling your womb with the music of Patrick Swayze will get him running for the hurt.


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