41 Weeks

Today is 41 weeks. Still no baby. We’re watching ‘Lost’ to keep us occupied while we wait to get this show on the road. We made peach ice cream yesterday (yes, with fresh peaches, why would you even ask such a thing?); it’s my consolation for not being able to hold my son yet.


Candice looks amazing, as usual… she’s really good at this pregnancy thing. Way to go, honey… you make it look so easy :).

Also, our tomatoes are coming right along, so that’s cool…




  1. Candice does look TERRIFIC! Wow, CB - who knew that 41 weeks into this gig, you'd look as good as in the beginning!?

    Those tomatoes look good also, and I'm jealous of the peach ice cream! I got fresh strawberries today for practically a song, so we're making a kind of strawberry shortcakes (using nilla wafers!) for dessert tonight. But, just think how good your ice cream would be topped with my strawberries!

    If only we were in the same place. Can't wait till November (though I expect both strawberries and peach ice cream will be in short supply).


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