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We are planning to look back and share the story of Asher’s birth, but for now, this is what’s happening. Our sweet Asher is 6 days old today and we are so grateful for his safe arrival. He is strong and healthy and beyond gorgeous. I know he’s a boy, so I should say he’s handsome or good looking, but beautiful seems to be the best way to describe him. We just keep saying ‘he’s so pretty and tiny.’ :)

The last 6 days have been amazing in a lot of ways, but they have also been very hard, long days and nights. Feeding our little man has turned into quite the challenge that we weren’t expecting. Because of this little (okay, big) trial, we have been left depleted and a bit unable to care for ourselves while caring for our sweet boy. Thankfully, our friends in Cambridge have proven to be our stand-in family over the past week.

Just yesterday, after an incredibly difficult night and morning with no food and no sleep, our friends, once again, showed love and practical care for us. One couple appeared with the diapers and pain killers that we needed from the shop in town and then held Asher while we ate some lunch. Literally minutes later, two friends showed up, hugged me and sent me upstairs with Asher while they cleaned our entire flat, including the not-so-fun jobs like changing sheets and vacuuming the stairs. Another family showed up for a brief visit, bringing gifts and snacks. These two are veteran parents and were able to tell us that what we are experiencing is normal and that it will get better. They were soon followed by other friends who brought us an amazing, hot, homemade dinner. I know this sounds like a lot of people in and out, and it was, but in the moment, it was exactly what we needed. Sure, there are days when we need quiet and no interruptions. But yesterday, we needed help.

Our friends have seen us at our worst in the past few days, desperate for sleep and food, emotional, looking like two people who had forgotten how to shower. They are patient with us when we are consumed with our own world and forget that they have their own lives happening too. They have extended us grace and provided more practical support than I could have imagined. Most of all, they have loved us and confirmed our suspicions that Asher is truly amazing. :)


  1. Praying and loving y'all from afar. And you are right - Asher IS truly amazing. Proof? Matt and I had a love fest about him on the phone yesterday!! Seriously.

  2. Oh my sweet friends, We are praying for you and your little man. We love you! (P.S. I think I've called your son beautiful and gorgeous about a million times already while looking at his sweet picture. And he is!)

  3. Praying for you all-for grace and peace. These days are hard but you can do it! Savor the sweet moments and know that with the hard ones they will pass all too quickly. Asher Henry is a beautiful boy and blessed to have you as his parents.

  4. This too shall pass!!! Good days will be followed by bad days and vice versa, but little by little you will all find your groove and start to live in a new normal. Praying for you and so thankful that you have such a great community there in Cambridge. What an incredible picture of the Body of Christ at work!

  5. The first days are the hardest. And from then on out, they get better. You get used to your new "normal." He will start to sleep better, get the hang of nursing and how to take a 5 minute shower, including washing your hair and shaving. :) You and your family are in our prayers. And beautiful is the PERFECT word to describe Asher. xoxo

  6. Thanks for sharing! I am so thankful that you have such great community there to support you through the new adventure of parenthood. I seriously do not know what we would have done without our Arkansas friends with family so far. It is great to be affirmed- yes the first days are the toughest- yes they will get better and yes you will sleep again (though never in the same way). Praying for your transition.


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