Fourth of July, 2011

Well, contrary to our hopes, it doesn’t look like our little guy will share a birthday with America… (I’ll bet you people are tired of us blogging about how we’re NOT having a baby… but, believe me, we’ve done our darn’dest to change that). In any case, we had a nice little cookout with some friends this evening, and even though we didn’t have any fireworks to round out the fun, we did have homemade ice cream. Fireworks would be a little anti-climactic in the evening, however, since it still isn’t getting properly dark until about 10:30.

Since the Fourth of July is not a holiday over here, most of our friends had to work today, hence the evening get together instead of an all-day event. Here we are… happy campers after some particularly good BBQ beans and roasted sweet potato fries.


Here’s one of the girls…


One thing you might notice (particularly if you’re reading this in Oklahoma today) is that all of the girls have on a light jacket. That’s because it was a pleasant 72 degrees today and things were cooling off to a crisp 65 degrees for the cookout. We hear it was a sweltering 107 degrees in Oklahoma today… that’s 42 degrees hotter! 42! I can’t even imagine it… your body forgets what that’s like if you don’t feel it for a while. We met a couple of people who had just recently come from the states the other day. They were headed out for an afternoon walk and they both had North Face fleeces on… it was 68 degrees that day, and I had decided that it was a “shorts-and-a-tee-shirt” day. I guess it’s all about what you’re used to.

Happy Fourth of July everybody! Go America!


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