Asher Cam!

Caution: this is a techie post (you’ve been warned). We’ve been talking for several months about our baby monitor situation. We really liked the idea of being able to SEE Asher through the monitor; that way if he was making a noise, we could see if his eyes were open, if he was thrashing around, or if he was just fine and we could leave him be. The problem is that those flippin’ video monitors are way too expensive! So, we decided before Asher was born that we would get a standard audio monitor for cheap on eBay, and then later on I would see what I could do to rig up a camera.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that day has come. Feast your eyes on this :)


That’s right, folks, that’s Asher on my iPhone. I got a Wireless IP Camera on eBay, (which is basically just a webcam that you don’t have to plug into a computer, it just connects directly to a wifi signal) and now we can just walk around the house (or the garden) and check on him whenever from the phone or computer. Also, the room above is pitch black, and you’ll notice he’s still visible… that’s because the camera can see infrared in the dark :). Don’t worry, though… the whole system is perfectly secure and doubly password protected.

I have to say, sometimes this tech stuff doesn’t work like it’s supposed to (more often than not)… but in this case, I’m quite pleased with myself.


  1. 1) This is amazing.
    2) Can you send me instructions? I kind of want to have a Tiny-cam. I always wonder what he's doing during the day!
    3) Curby is going to think this is the BOMB. Another reason why we should all end up living in the same town. Seriously, you guys are going to be good friends.


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