Asher now and then

Well, very little in our lives has changed over the past week or so, which is saying a LOT considering the seismic shift that was each of the previous weeks. Our routine, or lack thereof, is at least more consistently erratic, and Asher is sleeping, for the most part, very well at night.

As for Asher, he is now seven weeks old. He is growing. A lot! We figure he weighs about 11 pounds now, and has grown about 3 inches longer since he was born. As an illustration of that… here he is on the day he was born wearing his super cute cloud sleepsuit.


And here is at six weeks old… um, your tummy’s poochin’ out of your clothes, son. Not only that, but he’s almost too long for it! I can’t believe it!


The cheeks have definitely gotten fatter along with the belly (and everything else). Here’s the cheeks on day one:


And here’s day 46… whoa, that really makes him look fat, doesn’t it :).


He’s opening his eyes wider and looking at the camera a little better now…


He’s also opening his mouth a little wider and talking a little louder now…


His hands are unfolding a little more, and he’s almost gotten the hang of the iphone… he’s like, “Daddy, I’m just too cool for school with these iphones, aren’t I?”


But, in the end, he’s still very tiny and needs to be kept very warm… this may be a little overboard, but I was afraid he was cold :)!



  1. I just melted. I love that kid. He is getting so much bigger! And I am convinced he is the cutest little boy I've ever seen. Truly. The.Cutest.Ever.


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