Visitors: Part 2

After Candice’s dad and sister left, my aunt, Donna, came into town a couple of days later. We were very glad for the extra help, since Asher was only two weeks old when she got here and we still didn’t have everything figured out (by a long shot). Here are some highlights:

One of the main events of Donna’s trip was our house move. Some of you will remember that when we moved out of the vicarage, we moved into a temporary flat at Tyndale House where we would stay until we moved into a more permanent place at Tyndale House. Well, we did. We moved into our flat when Asher was just 16 days old, so, needless to say, it was our most disorganized move yet.

Donna helped us get everything packed and ready to go, and then was basically a rock star at organizing and decorating for the rest of her trip. A big part of the organization was our trip to Ikea; I won’t get into the details, because you can read about that trip here. Putting the Ikea stuff together requires something like a PhD in diagram reading, which, thanks to my years of experience in Lego building, I have. Even though putting the six drawer dresser together took the better part of two days (with plenty of Asher interruptions), I enjoyed it a lot because it reminded me of childhood Legos. Hanging stuff on the walls was also fun because I got to use my drill… a lot. Asher tried to help daddy, but he got sleepy real quick: “Gah-lee, guys! All this moving has me tuckered out.”


Asher really enjoyed getting to hang out with aunt Donna…


After several days of moving drama, we finally got out of the house and showed Donna a little bit of the Cambridge summer… the gardens were beautiful…


We had high tea outdoors at a nice English tea spot called the Orchard…


And had a little trouble figuring out how to get Asher into his car seat… Donna snapped this picture, just one instance out of many where I’m sure she had a good laugh at us trying to get the knack of parenthood.


Doing things like tea at the Orchard was made easier with the extra help. We tried to take advantage of our outnumbering Asher 3 to 1 by going out as often as we could. We took Donna to some of the pubs/restaurants that we like, which helped to make us feel less cooped up in the house.

We were happy that she came, and very grateful for all the help, especially considering that it’s no easy (nor cheap) feat to get over here.


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