Smiley boy

Today Asher had a lively conversation with his mama. We think that he has started to get a little bit of a laugh… here’s the video.


  1. Oh my heart!! SO precious! He absolutely is getting a little laugh, masked by baby squeals. Cherish the moment and replay the video when you think you can't bear any more sleepless nights.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I MISS THAT LITTLE SQUEAKY LAUGH WHINE CRY GURGLE WONDERFUL SOUND from when Jagger made it. What a sweet sweet baby! GET YOUR BUTTS TO OKLAHOMA! I want to see him so much! Probably not as much as you want to show him off. Y'all did good...he is just perfect and beautiful.

  3. I thought, "3 minutes?! No way I have time to watch a 3 minute video - I'll just watch it for a minute and then go back to my work."
    But he's so cute.
    I just kept watching and laughing, and memorizing the spots that made him giggle so that I can make him laugh when he's here with us.
    And it made me smile. And then it kind of made me tear up, because you two are parents and I'm so full of joy for you and for Asher! I think all this wedding planning is making me even MORE sappy than usual, so be prepared for that when you get here.
    Anyway, trust me, that boy is going to be SPOILED by me and all the rest of the ladies, when he gets here. November 1st can't come soon enough. Love you!


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