Crisis Averted

Yesterday, the three of us walked into town after Asher woke up from his morning nap, as we’ve been in the habit of doing recently. We looked around for some baby mittens because, sadly, the autumn chill is in the air and the summer sun has quickly faded. We went to baby Gap, then went to a Starbucks to feed Asher (we don’t drink coffee usually, so that’s typically the only reason we go there). I went to the Apple store to pay homage, and then we headed back home.

On the way out, however, Candice and I started talking about how much we miss getting burritos from Nannamexico, a good lunch place we used to frequent. We’ve been having lunch at home while Asher takes his noon nap, so we haven’t had a chance to grab our fix of Mexican food.

I had a flash of brilliance while we were walking, and we decided that I should run to Nannamexico and get two burritos to go. Meanwhile, Candice would take Asher home and get him ready to nap. We figured by the time he was asleep and in his crib, I’d be back with fresh burritos and we’d be ready to dig in. Sounds like a good plan, right?!

Well, all was going well at first. I ordered the burritos from our friend Mane (the guy who runs the place), and while I was waiting I got a call from Candice. She was halfway home and discovered that she didn’t have any keys to get in the house, Asher was starting to get fussy, and it had just started raining. So, basically… everything that could go wrong.

At this point I did something that I would never normally do… I got a taxi from the city center to home. It’s a little embarrassing, actually… taxis are overpriced and I had a perfectly good bike at home and… a thousand other reasons why we don’t like to take taxis. But, since our plan was going south rather quickly, I was just trying to get home quickly so that I didn’t stroll up to the house thirty minutes later with the burritos only to find my wife and screaming baby outside in the rain freezing and soaking wet!

So I took my losses and paid the taxi. I arrived just in time to let Candice in, then we ate, Asher took a long nap, and we laid down on the couch and relaxed, just enjoying our Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, my wallet was still in the taxi taking a ride around the town.

That’s right, in my haste to pay the taxi and grab the burritos and answer an incoming call all at the same time, I left my wallet sitting right there on the seat.

This story could have turned out very very badly, but, as luck would have it… or, rather… as divine providence saw fit to spare me from a crappy day. I got an email before I even realized the wallet was missing. Of all the people in the world to be getting into the same taxi, it was a guy doing a Masters degree in Philosophy of Religion who lives in the theological training school just down the street from us. We are both doing degrees in the Faculty of Divinity and had never met, but he found my wallet :). All in all, it was a pretty good day; crisis averted. John saved the day.

So… all that to say… thanks, John!

P.S. – Here’s the picture of the day. This is the face you make when you realize you’ve lost your wallet…



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