Christmas day

Christmas day was very relaxed around our house. We had our big to-do on Christmas Eve with our friends, and then Christmas day it was just us. I’m sure Christmas morning will be even more fun as Asher gets older, but it was still fun to give him a couple of toys and watch him play. Here’s one of his Christmas toys… he’s supposed to lay on his belly and spin around and play with this mat. I got it for him because he’s always on his belly but he can never quite handle the toys because he’s laying on his arms. I thought this would be a good solution, but as you can see… he’s HUGE! It looks like he’s going to outgrow it pretty soon.


He liked opening the presents, and loved the wrapping paper, and he thought the boxes were pretty fun!


Overall, we didn’t really get that much for Asher because we figured this is going to be the one Christmas where he doesn’t know the difference. Thinking about future Christmases makes us wonder how we’re going to handle the present situation… seeing as how Christmas isn’t about presents and all, we’re trying to think about creative family traditions that might take the emphasis off the presents, at least .

Candice and I exchanged gifts, and I got some pretty cool stuff. We both got each other several kitchen gadgets, including an awesome knife sharpener for me (I REALLY don’t like dull knives).

Of course, our best gift of the year was the little man himself, and that’s no joke… watching a new little life being formed and nurtured is a gift. The “givenness of life” has never been so apparent.



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