Piehl wedding

We were so excited to be in LA to celebrate with Curby and Tiffani and be a part of their wedding. I found myself weepy several times and although I would like to blame it all on sleep deprivation, I have to say much of it was because I was so elated for Tiffani and just thrilled to watch her live in the happiness that Curby has brought her way. Those hours together seemed short and busy (they usually do during a wedding week), but I will always treasure those times with my dear friend. Here are a few highlights of our time in LA:

*Being a part of several wedding events such as Tiffani's bridal luncheon and bachelorette party- All the ladies were able to celebrate and honor Tiffani and it was such a sweet time together.

*Spending a few brief hours with Tiffani doing things like buying flowers for the bouquets and getting our nails done- After a hectic few months for both of us (with her planning a wedding and me having a baby and all), it was a sweet blessing to get to be together, chat and catch up.

*Talking with Curby on our way to and from the flower market- I loved being able to get to know him a bit more and could really see how well he and Tiffani fit together.

*Meeting Tiffani's friends from across the country- I had heard of Jessica, Laura, Barb and Karen for so long and in such detail I felt like I knew them already, but I'm so glad to finally know them in real life. Can we all be friends? :)

*Spending time with our friends Matt and Whitney, who also came for the wedding- What can I say? These two are just a good time! And they didn't hate us for asking them to help us with baby Asher over and over again. (At least they didn't show it!) SO glad we got to see these friends. 

Congratulations, Curby and Tiffani! Wishing you many, many happy years, lots of babies, and plenty of family vacations with the Bullards! ;)


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