We’ve been settling back into life in Cambridge the past couple of days. It’s pretty cold, and it’s dark by 4:30pm, so it requires a bit of transition time to get used to it after being in Oklahoma, where the sun is still reasonably warm during the day even when it is colder outside. Not only that, but seeing our families was so nice, and it was hard to leave… I think our families had a hard time watching us Asher go. So, this week will be a ‘transition week,’ which might involve some general complaint sessions about England… in fact, most of the Americans we know have a period of hating on England when they return from trips to the states… luckily, another friend of ours just returned as well, so we can commiserate with one another, which helps. Christmas is a really lovely time to be in Cambridge, so that is some consolation for being away from family. We’re also happy to have some time to relax after what was a really busy trip… although, Asher still isn’t over the jet lag yet, so we haven’t really slept that much.

In other news, Asher is five months old today :). Yay! I’ve been noticing his eyes changing color since he was born, and they’ve gone through many stages… at first they were a very dark blue, then they lightened up and became a nice baby blue. Then after a few months I started noticing some little flecks of amber in the blue, which made me really excited because Candice has really pretty green eyes with flecks of amber, and I was totally hoping he would get her eyes! Today I got a great picture of his eye, and I’m happy to report…


… he’s totally a green-eyed boy :). I hope it lasts. I know they can still change color some more, but it’s totally fun to watch. Here’s a close-up…


And on that lovely note… it’s time for bed. Everyone say a prayer that Asher sleeps really good tonight :).


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