A week in LA (with a baby)

After arriving in LA, we went to pick up the rental car. We were worried that all our stuff wouldn’t fit in a car, especially since we were supposed to be sharing the car with our friends Matt and Whitney. We totally lucked out; they didn't have any full-size cars available, so they upgraded us to the SUV for free! Fo’ free, y’all! So we were driving around LA in a brand new Jeep, telling America how much we love her. We honestly needed the extra space... all our crap barely fit in the SUV, despite our very best efforts to pack light.

It was hard being in a hotel with an infant. There were so many things that we had never thought about before. When we used to travel to a new city, we’d drop our bags at the hotel and then go out to explore, find a nice place to eat, do some shopping, see the sites, and the hotel would just be for sleeping (lots of sleeping). Let’s be honest, who wants to see the inside of a hotel anyway! Well, needless to say, all that has changed. The first night we put Asher down for bed at 6:30, then we sat out in the hall staring at each other with the “what-do-we-do-now” look. I got us a burger and club sandwich from the bar downstairs and we ate in the hall. Where are you supposed to go when you put your kid down to sleep in a hotel room? I considered putting him down in the bathroom, which I’ve heard of some people doing… but that leads to my next question: where would you go to the bathroom?

Overall, the week in LA went really well. We were there for basically one reason: to be at Tiffani and Curby’s wedding, and as long as we got to do that, the trip was a success. Stay tuned for a recap of wedding festivities! But as a side note, I heard the names Tiffani and Curby spoken together so many times that week that I started combining them a la movie star couples: who else is thinking Curffani sounds pretty great? I also like Tiffacurb. In any case, both are better than Tiffurby.


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