Just a glance at 2011

Today we were doing a bit of housecleaning, trying to catch up after a few days of neglect. I was vacuuming the stairs with Asher attached to me in the baby carrier, and I thought, “Hmmm… not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, yet it’s working and even satisfying.” And it occurred to me that this very thought might be the best way to describe 2011 as we look back over the year. We got pregnant (okay, true, that happened in the last bits of 2010, but let’s just go ahead and clump it in with 2011 for the sake of remembering), we moved flats (twice), grew a baby into a real, live, precious boy, birthed him (not so much we on this one) and kept him alive and thriving for 6 months (happy 6th months today Asher!), travelled internationally with the babe, and returned home to Cambridge to embrace another year here. And somehow we’ve come out on the other side, finding our normal again. A new normal, maybe. 2011 brought a lot of joy and celebration to our lives and we realise how blessed we were in the past year. On the flip side, it wasn’t always easy. Some of it was very difficult. Some bits came to us naturally, while other bits seemed foreign, things for which we were unequipped. But when I pause and look at my two favourite guys, I am reminded that this thing we have going, this little family of three, is working. And I love it and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world than right here, making a pot roast and washing bottles. :)


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