Sleepytown update: early mornings

Asher has slept all night 4 out of the past 5 nights. This is a dream come true! Literally. We are actually starting to have dreams again. You know how when you don’t get good, solid sleep, you can’t remember any dreams? After a long reprieve, I’m back to waking up in the mornings and getting to hear Collin rehash all of his dreams. (They are mostly about him being a superspy, running from the mob, or escaping from prison. Yes, I am serious.)

So hooray for sleeping all night. Here’s the downside: Asher has been waking up really early. This morning it was 5.40am. And he’s up for the day. :( I’m wondering if this early morning waking is due to hunger, since he was previously waking up for a brief feed anywhere between 2 and 4am. OR could it be because he’s just had enough sleep? We’ve been putting him to bed pretty early and he’s been sleeping around 11.5 hours. So maybe we should keep him up a bit later in the evenings? Or some other factor altogether?

Any ideas for us, mamas and daddies and grandmas and nannies and mannies out there?


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