Spray painted jars

You know those women who are brilliant when it comes to making things, sewing, photography, etc.? Those ladies who whip up gourmet meals in half an hour, who sew crib bedding for their babes, who decorate their homes with ease? I’m not one of them. Sure, I can make a tasty dinner or scribble out some block letters, but I’m pretty useless with a paintbrush, a needle and thread, or a fancy camera. But I just can’t ignore all of those good ideas on Pinterest! So I’ve decided to embrace my inner craftiness (or lack there of) and give a few things a try. My current motivation is a gender reveal party we are hosting next week for some friends. They will finally find out if they are going to have a boy or a girl and a big group of people are coming over to celebrate! Fun.

I’ll tell you more about the details of the party after it happens because I don’t want my friend (hi Nicki!) to know all of my tricks before the big reveal, but one small thing I decided to do was spray paint some jars to use as decorations. Luckily, I had a few empty jars and bottles in the kitchen that we had been saving, so I scraped off the labels and used them for the project. (Tip: If you just cannot scrub off that last bit of adhesive that’s left on the jar, WD-40 works like a charm.)


We spread out some newspapers and Collin got to work with the spray paint. I kind of wanted to do it because spray paint is fun, but if you know Collin, this type of thing is right up his alley. Armed with enough spray paint, he could take over the world. (I saw that quote on Pinterest… so funny. So Collin.)



Then we had to take a break to get Asher down for his nap. I may have taken one too. It was an early morning, y’all. Collin headed off to the library and then when Asher and I woke up, I had to put these adorable leg warmers on the babe. Had to. I felt they were a necessity because they are just so darn cute. :) (These baby legs are also reason number 37 I want to learn how to sew.)


Back to the spray paint! Because I was inside playing with Asher, I didn’t realize it had started raining all over my freshly painted jars! I should have known; this is England after all. You can’t really expect it to not rain.


So needless to say, the rain made the paint a little less… shall we say… smooth? Oh well, I sprayed on one more coat and called it good. Good enough, anyway.



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