8 months!

Asher will be 8 months old on Tuesday! He’s a proper little man now, with two more teeth to balance out the smile a bit. He gets more mobile every day… earlier today he scooted all the way across the living room to the doorway just so he could peek through the hall to the kitchen to see what mom and dad were up to. He’s eating real people food now, three meals a day. Today for lunch he had beef stew (pureed of course)! Our freezer is stuffed to the max full of frozen cubes of baby food… he loves pears, sweet potatoes, swede, and butternut squash. He even seems to like zucchini and green beans. Yogurt and plums are his new favorite foods. The down side is that our freezer is so full of baby food we don’t have any room for ice cream! Oh the humanity!

Here’s a few shots of him in his big-boy church clothes…





Here he is with his Mickey doll… although, it’s not actually his. It’s mine and I’m letting him borrow it as long as he takes good care of it. Mickey and I had so many good times together, and Asher seems to like him just as much as I do.




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